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Spearfishing competitions

competitionsEach year there are about 6 spearfishing competitions in the UK with the best spearo’s often representing GB abroad. The goal of the competitions is to catch as many fish (up to 10 max), in as many different species as possible.  Any fish deemed ‘not sporting’ will be off the hit list while everything else is fair game.  The comps last about 6 hours and have firm start and finish time.

After the finish time you have the ‘weigh in’, where everyone’s volume, variety and weight of fish is recorded to produce a score and a subsequent league table.  While you have winners on the day, the ultimate winner will be the person with the highest combined score at the end of the season.  The hardcore will be at every event while the fun lovers may just show up at a couple.

Normally loads of people camp locally and fire up the beers & BBQs.  It’s a great friendly scene to be apart off and if it all seems a bit daunting then why not join a club first.  All the clubs go to these events so it’s a great way into everything if you want someone to show you the ropes.

These competitions are great fun all round and well worth attending.  Below are the spearfishing events:

Bognor BoatBSA Squad bring your own boats or swim off shore11th May25th May
Worbarrow Head BoatWessex National14th June14th Sept
PortlandLIC Pairs Open21st June5th July
SaltdeanSussex National19th July2nd Aug
BognorSouthsea National20th JulyG31st Aug
St OuensJersey National26th July
AnywhereNational back up weekend20th 21st Sept



Competition warning system

Red means the competition has been postponed.

Amber means the competition is looking very doubtful.

Do not top up with fuel or book any bed and breakfast.

Green means we are still going for it.

See http://www.underwaterfishing.co.uk/competition-dates/ for further information and updates

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