Salvimar Roller Muzzle Sapiens


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Salvimar Roller Muzzle Sapiens description

  • Muzzle material Nylon, 30% Glass-filled
  • Highly flowable Derlin® pulleys
  • Weight of muzzle/body connection ø26mm, 34g.r
  • Pulleys compatible with elastics up to ø 18mm
  • Side seat designed to accommodate additional elastic
  • The innovative design of the roller muzzle with upper “V” opening facilitates the insertion of the rod with fins during the loading phase
  • The passing of the line on the roller muzzle for fastening the rod is quick and intuitive thanks to the upper channels
  • Body/muzzle connection available in the following diameters ø24/26mm
  • It is recommended to use rods with fins with capture laser hole
  • The line must be connected to the fin in the most forward position (tip side) while the spike of the elastic should be held in the retracted fin (handle side)
  • Use official Salvimar “FORMULA R” wishbones that do not contain balls for binding


25mm, 26mm