HeadHunter 8ft Predator Carbon Polespear


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The Predator pole spear is one of Headhunter’s first products. The Predator combines innovative designs with high quality materials to create one of the fastest polespears on the market.

The Predator is a two piece polespear. It comes withย a strong composite back half that is more durable and lighter than aluminum. The front section is made of stiff carbon fiber and 316 stainless steel connections for added rigidity.

The Predator Polespear comes ready to shoot. The injector rod, power band, retaining band kit and our famous WARHEAD Cable Slip Tip is included in the kit. All Predators will also have a grip installed to the ideal loading position.

Learn more about using the Predator Polespear with WARHEAD Slip Tip system for hunting reef fish.