Headhunter Polespear Grip Kit


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This is a do-it-yourself add on grip for your pole spears. It easily and quickly installs on your spear and all you need is a hair dryer. It allows you to stay “banded up” in the shooting position for longer periods of time with less hand fatigue due to providing a more positive gripping surface. Available in several colors.

For even better grip use in conjunction with our spearfishing gloves! View the video below for an installation demo of the grip!

  • Better grip for longer holds
  • Customize the grip spacing for your hand
  • Easily installs in minutes
  • Available in several colours


These kits will not adhere to gloss finish fibreglass polespears without first sanding the area and applying a small amount of superglue, Loctite 406 is recommended.

Polespears such as the Epsealon polespear black 150cm



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