Sigalsub Nemesis One Carbon


Crabb SpearSling - Red

The perfect strap to carry your speargun in style! Check our the blue version here!

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Gun Rigging service- Single Wrapped Mono with bungee

Add this option if you would like us to rig your gun with a single wrap of mono! We'll include a muzzle bungee to make loading the mono onto the line release and prolong the life of the shooting line.

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Sigalsub Nemesis One Carbon Speargun

The Nemesis One Carbon speargun offers performance that’s hard to beat for serious spearos. It’s Italian-made using precision workmanship, high-tech machinery and hand-finished components to allow for stringent quality control procedures.

  • Available sizes: 64, 76, 82, 92, 104, 116 cm
  • Single 17.5mm EXTREME Sigalsub band
  • 6.5mm TANA shaft switching to a 6.5mm EVOLUTION shaft on models 82cm upwards
  • Integrated barrel rail
  • Adjustable trigger with “soft” release.
  • Rear trigger mechanism made from stainless steel
  • Line release; stainless steel, interchangeable right / left
  • loading butt
  • Rapid target acquisition with ultra low profile muzzl
  • Maximum lightness thanks to the carbon frame
  • Reel not included

Sigalsub are pioneers in the manufacturing of innovative and revolutionary products, a brand you can truly trust.

If your preferred size is out of stock, contact a member of our team.  We will order it in for you.




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