Salvimar V-Pro speargun


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Gun Rigging service- Single Wrapped Mono with bungee

Add this option if you would like us to rig your gun with a single wrap of mono! We'll include a muzzle bungee to make loading the mono onto the line release and prolong the life of the shooting line.

Crabb SpearSling - Blue

The perfect strap to carry your speargun in style! Check out the red version here!

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Salvimar Staffa Inox Camera bracket Mount- Universal Mount

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The Salvimar V-Pro has an aircraft grade aluminium stock with integrated shaft guide. The shaft guide is dissected towards the muzzle which improves manoeuvrability.

The trigger mechanism can be micro adjusted manually by a screw, so is fully adjustable to meet your needs. The sternal support can easily be switched off – even while submerged. The open muzzle allows for the storage of two elastic 14 mm bands, and the special profile avoids overlapping.

The handle is made of glass-filled nylon and has an ergonomic adjustable non-slip rubber recoil pad. The curved profile of the handle perfectly follows the structure of the human hand and provides high comfort, especially during recoil.

***Reel included (without line)***

Technical specifications

  • Reel included
  • Line not included
  • Anodising Soft Sand
  • Torsion 2 EVO Equipped
  • Safety Catch
  • Ergonomic Pro‑le
  • Steel Mechanism
  • Continuous Rail
  • Con‑guration Optimised Power
  • Sternal Support
  • Shaft guide to improve the moving
  • Wired shaft and double rubber
  • Aircraft grade aluminium stock with integrated shaft guide
  • Trigger sensitivity adjustment screw
  • Removable butt pad
  • Dyneema soft wishbones
  • Laser welded shark-fin tabs with a cheater fin for easy loading
  • Stock reel
  • Open muzzle multi band

Size variants – 75, 85, 95 and 105cm

This gun does not come rigged from the manufacturer. We can rig it for you at a small charge to cover the time it takes. We will also upgrade to high quality Rob Allen 2mm mono and crimps with a single wrap.

A muzzle bungee is not provided by the manufacturer of this gun, but we feel it’s an essential upgrade if you want to avoid stressing when rigging your gun in the water after a shot. The bungee allows you to quickly pop your shooting line on the line release ready for your next shot. Without a bungee this can be a very fiddly and annoying job – especially with gloves on.


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