Picasso Cobra Rail Light Brown Camo Speargun



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The Picasso Cobra Rail Light Brown Camo Speargun comes with a new Cobra handle that has an inverted trigger mechanism. It is very fast and independent from the rubber pressure on the shaft which makes the shots extremely sensitive – even when charged with multiple rubbers.

This gun was intentionally designed without a safety mechanism. There is a growing point of view that the only safe gun is an unloaded one and safety catches can offer a false sense of security.

Picasso Cobra Rail Light Speargun has a new anatomical grip, stainless steel line release and a removable loading pad. In addition, the new open muzzle Magnum has a special design that ensures multiple rubbers are completely separate and parallel to the tube.

Technical specifications and features

– Cobra handle.
– Magnum open muzzle for circular rubbers.
– 6.5mm Stainless Steel Shaft (6.75mm on 110cm guns and over – 6mm on 75cm and smaller ).
– Circular 17mm Boom Rubber with articulated wishbone ( 19mm on 110cm guns and over ).
– Standard muzzle bungee.
– Monoline and sleeves.

Please note that this gun does not come rigged from the manufacturer. We can rig it for you at a small charge to cover the time it takes. We will also upgrade to high quality Rob Allen 2mm mono and crimps with a single wrap.

A muzzle bungee is not provided by the manufacturer of this gun, but we feel it’s an essential upgrade if you want to avoid stressing when rigging your gun in the water after a shot. The bungee allows you to quickly pop your shooting line on the line release ready for your next shot. Without a bungee this can be a very fiddly and annoying job – especially with gloves on.


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Material (spearguns)

Gun length

60, 75, 83, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140