Aimrite King Venom Carbon Speargun


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Aimrite King Venom Speargun:

Introducing the Aimrite King Venom speargun, the world’s most popular Bluewater gun! This premier piece of kit boasts several World Records, including the Wahoo and Dogtooth Tuna as well as several Marlin over 500lbs!

Here’s all you need to know about this railgun:

It’s made from a double carbon fibre wall construction filled with high-density foam between the cuttlebone wing section.

The gun alone weighs over 2.5 kgs and has a wall thickness of 4.4 mm.

It’s capable of shooting 3 X 16mm bands or 4 X 14mm bands with a minimum amount of recoil. It will also shoot 2 X 18 mm bands with no recoil.

It has an integrated muzzle and a cuttlebone shaped barrel that provides an unmatched level of strength and quality. It also provides a very steady base while minimising muzzle lift.

Technical specs:

  • Triple Red 16mm USA Latex bands
  • 100% Carbon Fiber tube, foam-filled
  • New Reverse Roller Trigger Mechanism – 100% Australian made!
  • South African Spring Steel Spear – 8mm
  • 350kg Silicone Bungee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Certified Australian Made

Hear Aimrite’s owner, Travis Hogan, talk about the King Venom speargun:

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