Aimrite Envy Pro Carbon Railgun


Looking for a speargun that’s well-balanced and perfectly engineered?  Aimrite’s Envy Pro fits the bill.

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Aimrite Envy Pro Speargun

The Aimrite Envy Pro is a well-crafted gun that’s robust and offers precision.  You know these spearguns will withstand tough conditions, they were designed and built for Australian waters!

The Envy Pro speargun is highly buoyant due to its carbon fibre construction.

The ‘reverse roller’ trigger mechanism increases firepower and offers a smooth trigger pull.  Aimrite is known for its quality trigger mechanisms, the company started out by manufacturing them over 20 years ago.

Aimrite offer a lifetime warranty on all their guns, which is a real selling point.  It shows the company are confident in their product and the materials used to manufacture them.


  • Open Muzzle
  • Single 16mm USA Latex band size 60-90cm/7mm shaft
  • Twin 16mm USA Latex bands size 100-140/7.5mm shaft
  • 100% Carbon Fiber tube with new deep track and 26mm ID for added buoyancy
  • New Reverse Roller Trigger Mechanism – 100% Australian made!
  • South African Spring Steel Spears
  • 350kg Silicone Bungee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Certified Australian Made
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