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Spearfishing visibility

murkyIf you can see more than 3 odd metres then you have the right to get excited!  The UK is not famous for its crystal clear visibility – however, when it comes, make the most of it because it’s amazing.  Normally you will have 2 – 5 metres of ‘spooky as hell’ visibility and while it may well be reminiscent of Silent Hill, it’s more than enough to land a 10lb fish of a lifetime.

When you are on the surface the vis always looks worse than what it really is.  Always drop down to the bottom to scope things out as it normally opens as if the bottom metre is made out of bath water while the above is pea soup.  The fish may appear as silhouettes so keep your eyes pealed and bear in mind that hunting into the sun will add extra range to your vision as they stand out more, while you remain hidden.  This can often help you get the edge on them, so adopt the technique where you can.

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