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Cressi Anti-fog Mask Spray


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The Cressi Anti-fog Mask Spray has been specifically created as anti-fog protection for your swimming and diving goggles. The spray is also just as effective on any vitreous surface – mirrors, windshields, glasses, etc. The spray is safe to be near eyes with its neutral pH (7.0) and zero irritability of its components.

The Cressi anti-fog mask spray base is only deionized water and does not contain any type of organic solvent, like isopropyl alcohol, ethyl, glycols, etc.

Applied correctly following the instructions will create a protective film that stops the condensation of micro-drops on the surface where it has been used. Its low concentration in surfactants, along with the silicone it incorporates, extends its effectiveness for about 2 hours – depending on the conditions. It is the ideal combination of both effectiveness and safety, for swimming and diving activity.