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Mares Spyder Mask


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The Spyder spearfishing mask is dual lens and low volume.
The Spyder goggle features a soft, mesh-like rubber nosepad and a secure grip to properly position the mask on your face. The skirt features original grooves with a unique hydrodynamic shape for reducing drag while in the water. The unique side knobs and a raised grip on the nose facilitate compensation. Here are the main features of the Spyder spearfishing mask:

โ€ข Reduced distance between lens and eyes
โ€ข Minimum internal volume
โ€ข Extremely wide field of vision
โ€ข Anatomical facepiece
โ€ข Lightweight
โ€ข Matte finish with anti-reflective properties
โ€ข Hydrodynamic profile for reducing water resistance
โ€ข Mask strap with ergonomic buckles for effortless use




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Black, blue, Green, pink