XT Diving Pro T4 Carbon Custom Blades


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The XT Diving Pro T4 Carbon Fins are made from the highest quality of pure carbon and resin fibres. This is the main feature of XT Diving Pro blades, making them very efficient and light to reduce the effort and fatigue for the freediver or spearfisher. These fins are ideal for both medium to deep diving and spearfishing.

The manufacturing process takes 2 days as XT Diving Pro laminates the blades using high pressure and temperature.

The XT Diving Pro T4 Carbon Fins have a glossy surface and provide an immediate feeling of lightness. The design/graphics are fused with the resin which provides the best duration. The surface of the Carbon T4 blades show almost no pores in the resin.

The tip of the XT Diving Pro Carbon T4 blades have a slightly convex shape which provides the best push during the final phase of kicking. The rails are a constant 16mm in total height are positioned along the blades but will not interfere with the bending of the carbon fibre.

Due to the specialised nature of these pro fins, they are custom ordered and should land with us in approximately 7-21 days.


Water Rail Colour

Black, White, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Blue


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