CarbonioGFT Nano 3D Custom Blades


Super soft – up to 75kg

Soft –  over 75 kg

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The asymmetrical fins are produced to use the external median of the blade, with the goal to leave
the biomechanics of the hips unchanged during kicking.
The mechanical resistance has been improved to increase elasticity and lightness.

Blade stiffness

1 stiffness (65-90Kg Body weight)

Angles available

32° & 24° are available. Though a shallower blade angle is technically more efficient as it is able to transfer energy with less dispersal, blade angles are determined by flexibility of the ankle. You want the blade to sit at 180° when you’re lying down, or as close to this as possible. Theres no point going for a shallow blade if you’re unable to gain this advantage.

Due to the custom nature of these fins they will take approximately 14 to 28 days to deliver and are not refundable/exchangeable. Please ensure you pay attention to sizing, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any help.

Why not add Picasso Fin Savers to your order and never lose a fin in the white water by an ill-timed wave.
Also ensures all the energy is passed from the foot and transferred down the blade.


Material (fins)

Blade Angle


Water Rail Colour

White, Red, Black