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Rob Allen Tanker Dive Bag


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Rob Allen Tanker Dive Bag

  • Tanker dive bags are designed to fit everything and more into one bag
  • Features a side pocket designed to accommodate fins
  • A top pocket to hold smaller items like your mask and a mesh insert to aid drying
  • Engineered from polyester reinforced PVC
  • Double stitching on all seams
  • Ultra durable dual lockable YKK zips
  • Dimensions (cm): 110 x 32 x 37


Spearfishing.co.uk review

This dive bag was one of our best discoveries.  We have always stocked them but never really used them because they just seemed… well, a bit posh really.  I mean I sling all my mucky kit into an old body board bag and be done with it.

Anyway, we were heading off to Cornwall and I desperately needed an extra bag for all the kit so sneaked into the stock and ‘borrowed’ one.  I’ve never looked back since and won’t leave for a spearfishing trip without it, be it local or abroad.

The long side pocket for fins is superb.  I always take two sets with me just in case I lose/break one and they both fit fine, I dare say I could squeeze in a third set if I really needed to.  Both sides are well padded which is exactly what you want to protect those expensive carbon fins bearing in mind they can often cost more than your gun!  They are also stored on their side which means no heavy gear can find their way on top and start scratching away.

The other feature I really love is the small mesh pocket on the top.  If you guys are anything like me then you would spend ages routing around an old, cold, wet, sandy bag searching for my watch, mask, gloves, torch etc.  Well this is what that top pocket was designed for and it works well.

The large main area is obviously for your wetsuit and all your other spearfishing equipment like floats and line.  It’s also waterproof so you don’t need to worry about it leaking all over the boot of your car or the back seat.

The whole bag just works in such a way as to make unpacking and packing a complete pleasure instead of a cold wet chore, while also protecting your gear.  If traveling abroad then the thick padding keeps your gear as protected as you could hope for.  It’s made from a thick, heavy duty material that instilled confidence in its quality and durability.

The spearfishing.co.uk guys genuinely give this bag 10/10.