Meandros Speargun B28 M4 Open Complete


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Gun Rigging service- Single Wrapped Mono with bungee

Add this option if you would like us to rig your gun with a single wrap of mono! We'll include a muzzle bungee to make loading the mono onto the line release and prolong the life of the shooting line.

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Camo green design. Available in  85cm.

The B 28 M4 Open Complete by Meandros is a high-quality speargun with an open muzzle.

It’s been designed for both beginners and skilled underwater spearos.

It consists of the most advanced ergonomic LEADER handle with a particularly low profile with a non-slip, obtuse anatomic grip, arming heel, inverted full inox / heavy duty trigger mechanism with minimal weight and sensitivity. The triggered extends the loading length by 9.5 cm it has a ambidextrous mechanical side line release, reduced friction guide, water balance, ambidextrous monofilament guide, multi-purpose bore, etc.

The tubular barrel is made of aluminium alloy with an integrated, V-shaped, hydroplating guide, which delivers stiffness with a minimum weight of positive buoyancy of 3.7 gr / cm. Complete anode protection per piece and not per bar. The thickness of the barrel wall perimetrically for greater stiffness is uneven (1.00mm -1.45mm depending on the stress point) overcoming the rest of the circular tubes one might find in the market.

  • Tube material: Aeronautical aluminum alloy
  • Tube dimensions: 26.0mm ID & 28.0mm OD
  • Tube cut shape: Round with supporting extensions
  • Wall thickness: 1.0mm – 1.45mm
  • Buoyancy: + 3.73gr / cm
  • Baldness possibility: Yes
  • Rail type/height:  V type embedded / 16mm from center of pipe
  • Pipe protection: Fully anodized per piece
  • Color: Black matte or camo
  • Handle: Leader B28
  • Handle profile: Extremely low
  • Mechanism: Inverted full inox, heavy duty, innovative design
  • Line releasse: Ambidextrous horizontal
  • Handle adjustment in the pipe: Male
  • Sealing: O-ring 18×4.0
  • Grip: Ambidextrous, non-slip, detachable
  • Safety: Recessed in the trigger guard
  • Loading pad: Anatomical with excellent line of  sight
  • Muzzle: B32 M4 Open / ID 26mm
  • Muzzle type: Open for single band
  • Rubbers: 1 tied circular 17.5mm (Meandros Power Latex)
  • Wishbone: Tied / wishbone cord
  • Shaft: Shark fin / single barb
  • Reel: Optional accessory
  • Line: Monofilament, sleeves, silicone bungee

This gun does not come rigged from the manufacturer. We can rig it for you at a small charge to cover the time it takes. We will also upgrade to high quality Rob Allen 2mm mono and crimps with a single wrap.

A muzzle bungee is not provided by the manufacturer of this gun, but we feel it’s an essential upgrade if you want to avoid stressing when rigging your gun in the water after a shot. The bungee allows you to quickly pop your shooting line on the line release ready for your next shot. Without a bungee this can be a very fiddly and annoying job – especially with gloves on.



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