Cressi Cherokee speargun 75cm


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The Cressi Cherokee speargun is extremely well crafted and has lots of features you don’t often see for a gun at this price. The Cherokee is actually a rail gun – which means that it has a groove or rail along the length of the barrel. This rail is integrated into the aluminium barrel and makes it more rigid and stronger. It also acts as a guide for the spear when it releases. This leads to a more accurate speargun.

The Cherokee speargun comes with two interchangeable sternum supports – one is larger and one is lower profile. The open muzzle has a magnet to hold the spear into position whilst you pull the line onto the gun. This simple but very effective feature ensures the reloading of the Cherokee is much easier than other comparable open muzzle spearguns.

The cobra head design purposely softens the angle of the rubbers to work much more effectively. It helps to prevent any unnecessary tension or friction that could shorten the life span of the bands.

The new field lead on the lower part of the muzzle is stainless steel that also serves as a thread loop when dual pass is being used. The muzzle is also designed for use with dual bands, and both will work equally without any interference.

Technical specifications

  • Anticorodal aluminium tube of Ø 28 mm with integral low erosion guide
  • Reinforced low area through thicknesses over sizing
  • Rounded wings to position the cord when loading – prevents interference with coupling the wishbone
  • New butt evolved from that used in the Geronimo model – with additional enhancements
  • Metal mechanism developed 100% by Cressi Italia
  • Lateral stainless steel retractable thread loop
  • New enhanced guide for coupling the reel

This gun comes rigged with a single wrap of mono from the manufacturer but no muzzle bungee. We can re-rig it with a muzzle bungee for you at a small charge to cover the time it takes however a new wrap of mono would need to be added too. A muzzle bungee will help making loading easier, reduce the tugging from fish and increase the lifespan of the mono.
We would upgrade the mono to Rob Allens 2mm diameter mono with a higher breaking strain.


*Reel not included


Material (spearguns)


No. of bands

Barrel length

75, 90

Band Thickness

Band Type

Barrel Type


Black, White

Flopper Style


Handle Style


Line Release Type

Side Release

Rubber Manufacturing Style


Spear Style

Spear Steel

17-4PH Stainless Steel

Speargun Type

Trigger Mechanism Material


Trigger Mechanism Style


Wishbone Type

Articulated Metal