Salvimar Eureka Muzzle Kit


  • Adapters to mount rubber by the meter on threaded heads.
  • Made from marine grade brass
  • Money-saving gadget!
  • Strong, long-lasting, durable

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Salvimar Eureka Muzzle Kit

If you’ve got a Euro-style spearfishing gun and want to use bulk rubber bands, you’ll need this adaptor by Salvimar.

It’s much cheaper to use bulk rubber, so this little gadget will be a great investment long term.  Especially if you’re a spearfishing enthusiast who dives regularly.

The adaptor is made from strong marine-grade brass—also known as naval brass—due to its durable, reliable and anti-corrosive properties.  That ensures it’ll last you for ages.

This handy adapter is designed to fit onto any brand of speargun as long as it uses a threaded Euro-type muzzle.