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Rob Allen Snap Clip Muzzle Bungee


Rob Allen speargun muzzle bungee

  • 400lb breaking strain.
  • 2 x stretch
  • Complete with swivel clip

These are attached between your shooting line and your gun.

They make it far easier to rig / load your gun bearing in mind that your shooting line doesn’t want to stretch over the line release clip.

They also reduce the odds of having your line slip off your speargun when diving in rough seas.

Finally it adds a bit of play to a shot fish reducing the odds of losing it, especially if it’s not the best shot placement.

The rubber has dyneema core with a breaking strain of 400lbs so it’s a solid piece of spearfishing equipment like the rest of the RA gear. Β It is looped on one side and has a swivel clip on the other.

It makes a great first upgrade to the RA Cobia.

Available in 4 colours: Black, Green, Blue, Orange



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