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Rob Allen Heavy Duty Mono Shooting Line 1.8mm


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Rob Allen Heavy Duty Shooting line

Connects the spear to your gun.

A perfect shooting leader material, 285lb mono is very strong and has excellent resistance to abrasion. Β Being thinner than the traditional 2mm thickness that comes as standard on Rob’s guns, it’s quickly become the choice of UK spearo offering less drag with exceptional strength.

We suggest changing your leader once a year, or after every blue water trip.

Our mono is very high quality and can be used with confidence both in the UK and abroad.

You can use a double or single wrap depending on preference and the rubber configuration on your gun (we advise a double wrap when using twin 16mm rubbers to make use of the extra range).

You will require crimps and a crimping tool to fit mono to your gun and spear.



10m, 100m