Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel


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With well over 40 years of research, development and rigorous testing โ€“ the Riffe reel has proven time and time again to deliver on the promise of performance. At the end of the day, if you want to land your prized fish you need to have that assurance and confidence in your equipment.

A reel is ideal for hunting around reef, kelp and wrecks freely. This is a convenient, compact and hassle free setup that allows for quick water entry and exit.

The Riffe low-pro horizontal reel is a low-profile design which is made of composite materials (Nylon-Fibreglass), including heat treated aluminium parts with a hard anodised surface. The lighter weight and lower profile of the reel aid in quicker tracking and manoeuvrability.

The Riffe low-pro horizontal reel is the only reel on the market with a 4 drag position slide lever control.

Technical specifications

Flat mount used on Euro style spearguns
Radial Mount used for radial based spearguns
Mounts on all RIFFE spearguns as well as other manufactures that feature similar barrel shapes
Fits on flat and radial gun stocks with proper mounts
Made in the USA
Used on RIFFE’s Horizontal and Vertical Reels
May also be used in place of cable on Slip Tip rigging and speargun line set
Refer to size chart for dimensions (gallery picture)

Spectra line

The 600lb Spectra line is specifically designed and manufactured for Riffe. The line is robust and durable, and certainly built to last. It features a straight multi-strand core wrapped in a 100% Spectra outer woven sheath.

With its unrivalled quality the Spectra line is created to endure the toughest of spearfishing conditions.



Flat mount, Radial mount, Flat mount with line, Radial mount with line