Mares Freediving Lanyard with snap release


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The Mares Freediving Lanyard with snap release is a handy 1 metre steel lanyard to keep you linked to the shot line. The lanyard features a quick release which allows you to leave the wristband on and disconnect with a swift pull of a toggle if you need to.

A stainless steel wire gate carabiner clips onto the shot line and the other end of the coated steel cable to a quick release snap that attaches to your wristband. Both ends of the steel cable are attached by swivels so you won’t get any kinking. With 1 metre of length you have plenty of space which won’t get in your way.

Technical specifications

  • Releasable safety cable
  • Safety release system on the bracelet
  • Stainless steel snap hook
  • Coated steel cable, yellow colour and 1 metre long
  • Two swivels at the extremities of the cable
  • The lanyard is mandatory in competition, and recommended during courses and training