Salvimar One Plus Freediving Watch


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The Salvimar One Plus Freediving watch is designed to meet the needs of the spearfishing enthusiast. Switch to instruments – this watch is highly affordable yet gives you all the vital intel you need while hunting. Depth and dive timer are cool, but the most valuable information is your surface interval timer which is all covered with the One Plus.

Remember, most people aim for at least twice the dive time on the surface before diving again. So if you dive for 60 seconds, aim for at least 120 seconds on the surface before dropping down again. As soon as you hit the surface the Salvimar One Plus Freediving watch will automatically activate a stopwatch and show you how long you have been top side for.

The strap is not the biggest so if you have particularity wide wrists, maybe get in touch first to be on the safe side.

Technical specifications

  • Diameter – 50mm
  • Recommended use – Apnea & Spearfishing
  • Colour – Black


  • Depth gauge 100 mt.
  • Surface time
  • Diving time
  • Water temperature
  • Storage of diving data
  • Alarm setting: one for max diving depth, one for max diving time
  • Time
  • Date
  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm
  • Second time zone
  • Countdown

The Salvimar One Plus Freediving watch also keeps the additional features for apnea:

  • Depth gauge
  • Diving time
  • Surface time
  • Memory to store your dives

This model now comes with a huge update:

  • New Firmware
  • Easy readable main alarms
  • Updating frequency increased
  • Display layout updated for a better and quick reading
  • Depth reading
  • Battery consumption operation optimised