Paralenz 3rd Person Viewer


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Put yourself into the frame, extendable pole for your Paralenz dive camera.

The Paralenz 3rd Person Viewer is a new type of mounting option for action cameras to record yourself in the water instead of just what you’re looking at. Mount one end of the extendable pole to your cylinder valve or wetsuit and the Viewer will hold your Paralenz Camera just behind you to record you swimming through the water.

Most camera mounts are too shaky or are interrupted by your exhaust bubbles but the 3rd person viewer steps the camera away from you to record you and your surroundings. The automatic white balance and long recording length of the Paralenz allows you to record your whole dive from start to finish filming you and your surroundings.

What’s in the box:

• 1 x carbon fibre telescopic pole

• 2 x floaters

• 1 x BCD mounting hook with magnets for quick attachment

*Please note camera is not included