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Epsealon Red Bullet Flashlight – 1000 Lumens


  • 1000 lumen LED flashlight
  • Made from military-grade anodized aluminium in a light red colour
  • Max depth: 150m
  • Comes with wrist strap, 3000mAh battery, charger and box for transportation.
  • Push button on / off positions.

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1000 Lumen LED Flashlight

Ideal for bug hunting in holes, spearfishing at night and in low visibility conditions, this mighty torch contains LEDs that offer true 1000 lumens of light.

LEDs are preferred to older halogen bulbs, as they offer a bright, crisp white light.ย  They also use far less battery power than older bulbs.ย  This means your torch lasts longer between charges.

This torch can be submerged in water depths of up to 150 metres!ย  Great for spearfishing and diving.

Epsealon created this torch from military-grade anodized aluminium.ย  Anodising is a process that increases the aluminiumโ€™s resistance to corrosion and wear, meaning it’s specially designed to last longer in the water.

The torch has a light red finish.ย  It comes boxed with a 3000mAh battery, a charger and a wrist strap.

It is easy to operate, with a simple push button to switch it on and of.

Also, check out the Epsealon Nylon Flashlight Holster.ย  Use this to attach the torch to your hand (sold separately).