Epsealon Mini Lamp and Mask Strap Holder


  • 1150 lumen LED flashlight
  • Made from Military grade anodized aluminium
  • Max depth: 200m
  • Comes with wrist strap, 14500 battery, charger and mask supporting bracket.

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Measuring in at 9.7cm x 2.6cm and weighing in at a measly 90g is Epsealon’s contender for small torches. This torch is built to cut down bulk and to scour caves.

A maximum depth of 200m is possible due to being sealed with triple O-rings and military grade, anodised aluminium.

The LED bulb can produce 570 lumens as a result of the lithium battery 14500.  In a pinch, a AA battery can be used however the output drops to 160 lumens.

The package comes with a charger, battery, wrist strap and an adjustable, 360 degree mask strap supporting bracket.