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Lobster weight belt


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Meet the Lobster weight belt – the world’s first adjustable weight system for long underwater dives. Specially designed for open water and pool freediving.

Why choose the Lobster weight belt?

The Lobster weight belt will allow you to dive deeper.

Fasten your belt

You can build and tune your Lobster’s weight belt size and change accuracy within 100g. The belt anchor and the joints are secure and easy to assemble and disassemble – it becomes a part of you!

The Lobster weight belt is anatomically shaped, very comfortable and weightless while diving – zero discomfort. It will not be a distraction as it merges with your body completely becoming a part of you.

Lobster family

If you are the proud owner of a Lobster freediving neck weight, you can use its weights to put them on your belt and vice-versa. It is customisable and easy to use – just move the Lobster’s tail to the belt.

The system consists of base 400g and an additional 2 segments (500,100g). This is so that you can adapt the collar weight to your needs. The total weight of the Full Set Belt – Small is 1.0 kg. In addition you will get 4 pieces of rubber plugs.

Size variants

  • Small – 1kg
  • Medium – 2kg
  • Large – 4kg

Colour options

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Coral (red/orange)
  • Black
  • Green
  • Italy flag
  • France flag
  • Germany flag
  • Spain flag
  • Poland flag
  • Ukraine flag
  • USA flag
  • Romania flag
  • Russia flag
  • Greece


Small 1kg, Medium 2kg, Large 4kg