Forza Tre

This suit has an enhanced cut and tear resistance and is finished with a special external sewing. It is composed of three layers; an external 1 mm neoprene of high density which guarantees strength, durability and compression resistance. At the center is a sheet of super-elastic two-directional cloth fiber enhancing the cut and tear resistance. Finally the soft internal neoprene guarantees comfort and elasticity.

Forza tre

Available in black and all the camouflage patterns available for the smooth-skin open-cell (Decomposed, Progress and Evolution) in 3,5 – 5,5 – 7 mm thickness.

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Forze Tre

Forze Tre Black Wetsuit

Forze Tre

Forze Tre Decomposed Wetsuit

Forze Tre

Forze Tre Progress Wetsuit

Forze Tre

Forze Tre Evolution Wetsuit

Forze Tre

Forze Tre Hide Wetsuit

Forze Tre

Forze Tre Fade Wetsuit

Forze Tre

Forze Tre Scales Wetsuit