March 21, 2019

Spearfishing Cornwall

cornwallCornwall is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coastlines of the UK and an amazing place to explore and spearfish.  The North coast is typically more for surfing while the sheltered south coast is perfect for chasing the bass.  The underwater reefs of Cornwall are very kelpy.  While this makes hole hunting very difficult because you just can’t see anything, it’s a fantastic habitat that promotes breeding to sustain good fish numbers.

You can find good fish in pretty much any part of the Cornish coast where it’s rocky or holds kelp.  However like everywhere, some places are just that little bit better than others 😉

Spearfishing Porthoustock

PorthoustockThe ‘not so secret' secret spot of Porthoustock. On its day I don’t think this place can be beaten, it’s a real profile pic generator.  Big bass, big Pollock and grey mullet if you are so inclined. You can drive right on the pebble beach meaning minimal distance to trek with your gear. Just make sure you very publicly put some change in the voluntary donation box.


Spearfishing in Swanpool

swanpoolAnother touristy beach that produces Pollock, mullet and bass.  You are heading to the point on the right and beyond.  You can gain entry from the beach which is a longer swim or there is overgrown path you can take via walking up past the restaurant. If you are swimming out from the beach keep your eyes peeled for bass lazing in the sandy shallows as they sometimes snooze there after a good feed.


Spearfishing in Caerhays / Porthluney cove

Porthluney-CoveThis is a very busy tourist beach so if the suns out expect a lot of very concerned looks as you march towards the ocean looking like a navy seal.  If the tide is out then it’s a bit of stomp and if its in, it’s a bit of swim past the shallow water. You want to hug the left hand side rocks and head to the point.  Don’t bother looking for fish until you have passed this point.


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