Picasso Sesimbra Speargun 80cm


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Picasso Sesimbra Speargun 80cm 

  • 20mm Aluminium barrel
  • Sesimbra handle with safety mechanism
  • Sesimbra closed muzzle for Circular rubbers
  • Galvanized steel Shaft
  • 14mm Circular Rubber with standard wishbone
  • 1.5mm nylon line

Looking for a cheap pranger speargun for some fun in the sun?  This cheap and cheerful, full sized gun will get you started or be a great back up for when your friends join you.

A great gun for everyone who doesn’t take the sport too seriously but like the chance of landing something tasty for the BBQ!

***Please note the current pictures show a much shorter gun, about 30cm barrel length, the speargun for sale is the full length 80cm version.  New pictures coming shortly***