Salvimar Nebula Blue wetsuit – jacket with trousers

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The Salvimar Nebula Blue wetsuit is one of the most innovative available today, mainly down to the material used. The Tear Resistant Dry Skin (TRF-Skin) material was invented and named by Salvimar.

The new TRD-Skin represents the main feature of the Nebula and is made of Yamamoto 39 neoprene which is internally open cell and externally lined with extra-elastic Ultrastretch Nylon. The TRD-Skin has seen an upgrade with a layer of polyurethane impregnated with the lining – both impermeable and tear resistant.

The Salvimar Nebula Blue has external protection on the knees, the elbows and stern. In addition, on the area of the jacket that covers the bottom. The protection is made with a rubber called PuffGum.

The edges of the wrists, face seal, ankles and waist profile of the Nebula are made with thin folded smooth neoprene. This provides maximum sealing and measures 0.8cm wide.

Technical specifications

  • Two-piece spearfishing wetsuit
  • Semi-duraprene construction with polyurethane outer treatment
  • Open cell interior for high stretch, comfort, and warmth
  • Yamamoto 39 Neoprene
  • Lined exterior with our new Nebula camouflage pattern
  • Reinforcements in the chest
  • External stitching over the smooth Semi-Duraprene
  • Double button beavertail closure
  • PuffGum sternal protection
  • External stitching on semiduraprene
  • Nebula skin on semiduraprene
  • Watertight Edges
  • Sternal Reinforcement
  • High-Waist Trousers
  • Adjustable Buttons
  • Ergo Fit
  • Reinforcement Elbows – Knees
  • PuffGum Reinforcement

Wetsuit garment

Jacket, Trousers

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S, M, L, XL, XXL



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