Picasso Grass Camo Wetsuit 5mm



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Picasso 5mm Grass Camo Wetsuit – New for 2018.

A new wetsuit from Picasso that’s ideal for UK kelp or mixed terrain.

–  Long john cut

–  The external is made from top quality stretchy YAMAMOTO Japanese neoprene nylon. Genuinely a really comfy, warm wetsuit.

–  Open cell interior

–  Ergonomic cut Supratex (anti-cut fabric) reinforced knee

–  Padded chest loading pad

–  The face, wrists and ankles have an ultra stretchy water seal

The product photos make the wetsuit look brighter coloured than it is. We’ll aim to have some of our own photos on here soon.

Our thoughts on this product:

“As soon as you feel the neoprene, you can tell this is different to the traditional neoprene we’re used to. It’s hard to describe, but it’s super squishy, ultra elastic and has an insane amount of stretch and flex. We took the stone 7mm version of this suit to Norway and were surprised to find it too warm. Ended up swapping out the jacket for a 5mm Rob Allen  which worked perfectly for 10-11C. The YAMAMOTO neoprene is certainly a big step forward in material development. For divers who spend most of their time beyond 20M, the material looks like it may potentially compress easier than traditional neoprene, resulting in loss of warmth… However after some solid testing we found this not to be the case at all. We plan to do more testing at depth soon so will continue to update this review as soon as we do.”

We also sell matching 3mm wetsuit gloves. Click here to see the Picasso Supratex Gloves in Grass.



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