The Explorer Spearfishing Package


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Representing the pinnacle of high performance equipment.  No other speargun has claimed as many world records as the Rob Allen Tuna.  Dave Mullins used the RUKU blades when he took his world freediving record a few years back and the Rob Allen wetsuits our amongst the warmest and most durable we have ever tested.  If performance, quality and durability are your primary objectives then this is the package for you.

This package was designed with the international traveller in mind. Its just as comfortable hunting heavy reef fish abroad as it is in the often murky waters of the UK.  The twin 16mm bands will punch through most species and will act as a great second shot gun if hunting in the big blue for larger pelagics. Ultra low profile RA knife to minimise the risk of line wrap, everything has been considered.

This package deal saves you 15%, that’s £132 off!


The Ruku Blades will be supplied as standard in medium stiffness, suitable for 75-100kg individuals. Please give us a call or email if you would like a different stiffness. Soft = under 70kg and firm = 100kg +

Cost: £769