Riffe Torpedo Divers Float


Yours in 1 - 3 weeks (avg. wait 7 - 10 days - contact for accurate estimation).

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Torpedo Divers Float #2 with flag and base


  • Increased pressure limit to 7 PSI
  • Rated 7 PSI with 95 lbs of lift from surface to 15 feet. Depths below 15 feet will reduce lift capacity
  • Optional pressure gauge plus adaptor for filling with either a bicycle pump, compressor, or scuba tank
  • Top entry zipper for placing ballast weight (isolated in pocket) or servicing bladder
  • Spring loaded value
  • (2) side handles and (1) rear handle
  • Heavy Duty outer cover
  • Sandwich material with nylon in the middle.
  • Non-staining material
  • 3 lb. lead shot bag – recommended when using flag assembly
  • Flare and flag holder while transporting

Torpedo Divers Float