Mares Razor Pro Blue Camo



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The Mares Razor Pro fin typically comes in the standard black. However, with recent additions to the family these blades are available in multiple variations including this blue.

The Mares Razor Pro Blue Camo provides maximum energy which is delivered to the blade whilst still maintaining amazing comfort. The tapered blade is made of the best technopolymers, which is the true core that creates its excellent agility and elastic performance.

Throughout the various stages of the finning action, Razor blades change the angle at which they bend – channelling the flow of water toward the pronounced “V” at the tip. This prevents the fin from slipping side to side.

Why not add Picasso Fin Savers to your order and never lose a fin in the white water by an ill-timed wave.
Also ensures all the energy is passed from the foot and transferred down the blade.


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36/37, 38/40, 40/42, 42/44, 44/46, 46/48