Rob Allen Speargun Bands 16mm


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Rob Allen speargun bands: 16mm

  • Pre-made for your convenience.
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Do you know why Rob Allen guns are so powerful?

The main difference that makes RA more powerful over the typical guns is the type of latex used for their bands but its a big difference.  If you look at traditional rubber, it will mostly be a block colour (often black throughout), if you look at RA rubber you will see its a natural gum colour and has rings in it like when you cut a tree in half, this is down to the way its manufactured.

Most traditional gun rubber is made via an ‘extruded’ manufacturing process. Like squirting toothpaste out of a tube, the thickness is dictated by the size of the hole.  This is much cheaper to make in comparison and the quality suffers because of the additives needed to cure it so quickly.

Extruded rubber is about 30% cheaper on average but has poor notch toughness and loses its elasticity at a significantly faster rate.

By comparison RA rubber is made via a dipping process like how you make candles.  The latex is repeatedly dipped until the correct thickness is achieved.  For this process you can only use 100% pure natural latex (tree sap).  This is why its always gum coloured.  The blue outer colour is a UV protector to prolong the bands life.

The best elasticity comes from purest latex. The purer it is the better.  Curing additives have a significant negative impact on the elasticity.

RA bands are made with the purest latex, this does make it expensive though – but do you buy a fantastic gun and then fit cheap rubber?

RA have tested most manufacturers from around the world and only use what they have found to be the best. When loaded and held at a specific stretch, all rubbers lose their elasticity to some degree, some more than others. Poor rubber can lose as much as 30% over 1 hour.

A fun fact that not many people know : )

Gun length

40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, Rubber per CM