Picasso Comet Led Dual Power Rechargeable Torch

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The Picasso Comet Led Dual Power Rechargeable Torch is completely made in Aluminium.

Dual power feature – when the torch is on full power mode you can hold down the switch for more than 5 seconds and it will switch to 50% power. When in lower power mode (50%) you can hold the switch down again for 5 seconds to return to full power mode. The torch will remain in your selected power mode until you change it.

This is a very important and unique feature when you often don’t require full power mode in the majority of caves – you could scare away your prey. The dual power feature also helps the battery life as it will double in low power mode.

Technical specifications and features

  • High performance Led – 1000 Lumen/20 000 Lux
  • Super concentrated focus – 10º centred spot
  • Magnetic switch ON/OFF with battery charging level indicator
  • GREEN light when battery charge is more than 50%
  • YELLOW light when battery charge is between 50% and 20%
  • Turns RED when battery charge is less than 20%
  • Rechargeable with Lithium batteries
  • Includes 220v charger
  • Brightness: 1000 Lumen/20 000 Lux
  • Material: aluminium hard anodised
  • Switch: ON/OFF type with charge indication and DUAL POWER feature
  • Power supply: 1pc 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Running Time: approx. 2 hours in continuous FULL power mode
  • Max depth: 100 meters – 300 feet
  • Weight: 160g (without battery)
  • Size: 136mm x 37mm x 34.5mm