December 13, 2018

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Which is the best spearfishing wetsuit for you?

Your spearfishing wetsuit is one of the top tree most important and expensive purchase decisions you will make so it’s important to get it right first time, the others being your speargun and fins.  In this article we will cover which wetsuit ...

Spearfishing Porthoustock

The ‘not so secret’ secret spot of Porthoustock. On its day I don’t think this place can be beaten, it’s a real profile pic generator.  Big bass, big Pollock and grey mullet if you are so inclined. You can drive right on the pebble beach ...

Spearfishing in Swanpool

Another touristy beach that produces Pollock, mullet and bass.  You are heading to the point on the right and beyond.  You can gain entry from the beach which is a longer swim or there is overgrown path you can take via walking up past the ...

Spearfishing in Caerhays / Porthluney cove

This is a very busy tourist beach so if the suns out expect a lot of very concerned looks as you march towards the ocean looking like a navy seal.  If the tide is out then it’s a bit of stomp and if its in, it’s a bit of swim past the shallow ...

Spearfishing yellowfin tuna

The yellowfin tuna is one of the most formidable species to target. They are extremely fast, strong beyond belief, and wary of divers. A 60 pound yellowfin is easily capable of drowning a diver, should he or she become caught in the floatline.

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